Additional Services


Consultation and Design

Consultation services are an essential part of the service package provided for the Architects & Engineers engaged in design of shelters and protective structures. TemetUSA assists the designers in all questions related with the special protective HVAC and blast protection technology. A typical project begins with the designers, architects and engineers meeting wth TemetUSA to discuss the project. It is critical that the separate disciplines coordinate from the beginning of the project to ensure a properly integrated design. During the design process TemetUSA assists in dimensioning product based on airflow, blast and other requirements. Drawings are supplied by TemetUSA so the structural design and engineering can be integrated with the Temet products. As the project goes out for bid TemetUSA will work with the contractors to ensure that at install time they understand the proceedures. If requested TemetUSA may submit an agreement to provide installation support and product training.

Inspection and Commissioning Services

TemetUSA offers the option to carry out equipment inspections at various stages of the building construction to ascertain that the critical blast resistant structural components and ventilation system equipment are correctly installed. TemetUSA also offers commissioning services for these products to warranty their operation over the entire life cycle.

Training Services

TemetUSA in parnership with Temet Finland offers training programs related to Temet technology to increase understanding on the function and application of this technology.

Rescue and Civil Defence Authorities, shelter designers and the entire supply chain extending from dealers to the end users benefit from increased knowledge of Shelter Technology.

Repair, Renovation and Maintenance Services

Older equipment may need fixing and replacement of the key protective components. Please contact TemetUSA for maintenance and repair services for existing product installations, renovation design assisance and clean slate designs.


By including TemetUSA into the design phase architects, engineers and related discliplines benefit by avoiding uneccessary changes and delays. By keeping close communication with TemetUSA any changes which affect other areas can be quickly appraised and changed if needed.