Temet Products

The product palette of Temet offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impacts is required -  in civil defense and military shelters as well as in industrial applications.


Blast Doors

  • Single Leaf Blast doors

  • Double Leaf Blast doors

  • Sliding Blast Doors

  • Custom Engineered Blast doors

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Blast Valves

  • PSV-Blast Valves

  • PVD-Exhaust Blast Valves

  • VD-VP Vent Pipe

  • PV-KK Blast Valves

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Blast Dampers

  • HV Blast Damper

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KS Gastight Isolation Valves

  • KS-Gastight Isolation Valves

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YV Overpressure Blast Valve

  • YV-1 Overpressure Blast Valve

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ESL CBRN Filtration System

  • ES series CBRN Filters
  • CV series CBRN Filters
  • ESL series CBRN Filtration Units
  • ESL series Automatic CBRN Filtration Units

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ESL Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Removal System

  • ESL-230-CO2 Regenerative CO2 Filtration Unit

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VIL Emergency Ventilation/CBRN Filtration System

  • VIL-150 Emergency Ventilation System
  • VIL-75 Emergency Ventilation System

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Temet is the most well known and trusted global supplier of protective solutions. Temet’s operations are based on extensive in-house knowledge and strong partnerships.


Temet provides advanced and cost effective protective solutions to shield human lives, valuable assets and important functions of society against the impact of crisis or industrial accidents.