TEMET HV Blast dampers


Temet's HV Blast Dampers are designed to protect ventilation systems against the long duration overpressures produced during dust and vapor cloud explosions and the following negative pressure. The design of HV Blast Dampers allows maximum airflow with minimal pressure drop. The integrated fragmentation grill protects the damper unit from flying objects and debris. Temet's HV blast damper is rated up to 1 bar (14.5psi) of overpressure and activates at less than 0,1bar (1.4psi). The HV blast damper is an automatic damper and stays locked shut after the initial overpressure to protect against the followon negative pressure.


HV Blast Dampers - Offshore and Onshore Protection

Temet's HV Blast Dampers are designed to protect onshore and offshore ventilation systems in extreme conditions. Whether on a land based refinery or chemical facility, a ship or a fixed offshore platform, Temet HV Blast Dampers are low maintenance and give reliable protection due to their outstanding corrosion resistant construction. AISI 316l stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized blast dampers are standard options for each size.


HV Blast Dampers and Petrochemical HVAC Protection


Temet's HV Blast Dampers are ideal for petrochemical HVAC protection. The HV blast damper's optimal airflow design allows maximum airflow with minimal pressure drop. Corrosion resistant materials and designed specifically for the situations encountered in a vapor cloud explosion ensure that Temet's HV blast damper remains functional while protecting HVAC ducts and equipment against blast.

HV Blast Dampers   


TEMET HV Blast Dampers are specifically designed to protect the ventilation systems of buildings from the damaging effects of long duration pressures common to vapor or dust cloud explosions in industrial accidents.

HV blast dampers protect HVAC, personnel and equipment against both positive and negative phases of the blast event.


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