TEMET Blast doors


Temet blast doors provide blast protection in military, Civil Defense and industrial shelters and control rooms. All Temet blast resistant doors (sometimes referred to as blast proof doors / bomb doors) are designed with uncompromising blast protection and ease of use in mind. Temet's blast door design uses a latching system which is operable from both sides and secures the door tight to the frame. The door arrives on site calibrated from the factory for a lifetime of low maintenence and ease of operation. Temet's blast doors can be designed for various opening sizes and blast protection levels.


Blast Doors - Single Leaf

SO-1 Blast Door  SO-1 Blast Door
SO-3 Blast Door  SO-3 Blast Door
SO-6 Blast Door  SO-6 Blast Door   

Blast Doors - Double Wing

SO-1 Double Wing Blast Door  SO-1 Double Wing Blast Door
SO-3 Double Wing Blast Door  SO-3 Double Wing Blast Door
SO-6 Double Wing Blast Door  SO-6 Double Wing Blast Door


Blast Hatchs

Temet's blast hatch is designed to provide an alternate ingress/egress in cases of emergency. The blast hatch is engineered to the same top quality standards as Temet's blast doors and can be ordered in various sizes.


Temet Blast Hatch  Blast hatch

Custom Blast Door Design


Temet builds custom designed and engineered blast resistant doors to customer specifications. Some common customer requests are sliding doors, pneumatic openers or electric openers, very low friction bearings, gastight seals, windows and very large opening or extreme pressure blast protection requirements.

Temet Custom Engineered Blast Door  Custom Engineered Blast Doors


Temet has a wide range of pre-engineered standard doors with various blast ratings and the capability to custom design a door to any customer specification.


Temet blast doors are designed to be manually operated, minimizing maintenance and failure poinits.


Temet blast resistant and gastight doors give complete protection against blast waves, fragments and entry of toxic gases.


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